All that you ever wanted to know about SATTA game!

Matka also known as Satta is a form of lottery which is played in many parts of the world with great enthusiasm. SattaMatka game originated in Mumbai, India way back when India got independence and was known by name Ankada Jugar i.e. gambling of the figures. But, it was in the 1960’s that the Satta game got revived.

The real pioneers of Satta game are Kalyanji Bhagat and Ratan Khatri. Kalyanji Bhagat started Worli Matka in 1962, which was followed by Ratan Khatri, as he started New Worli Matka in 1964. He made slight modifications to the rules of the game by introducing opening and closing rates of imaginary products, due to which he is considered the ultimate “Sattaking” by many Satta enthusiasts till date. Ratan Khatri ruled the Satta world as because of him the Satta game is what it is today!

The game of Satta is such that if you are on a winning spree then you will keep on winning but when you lose it simply means that your strategies and calculations went wrong somewhere! Here are some simple tips to follow which will help you to win most of the times while playing the SattaMatka.

Picking Numbers Correctly 
Sattaking is basically a random number selection game and hence you have to be careful while choosing your numbers! You need to choose 3 numbers between 0 and 9 and add all the 3 numbers. Now select the last digit of the added numbers and take it along with these 3 numbers- this will be your “First Draw”. Now follow the same procedure for the second draw.

Select Multiple Options
The catch here for a Satta Matka player is that he is allowed to choose from the rate payouts of multiple options. A player should never miss out this golden opportunity and is advised to choose numbers which are ‘Multiples’ of 3, as the probability of making the “Winning  Jodi” is much higher as compared to other numbers.

Beware of Agents & Bookies
There are many agents and bookies in the Satta game which often claim that they are eligible to make a commission of maximum 5 percent for the winning amount assumed for you. There are also those who take 10 percent or more and easily fool you. So make sure you don’t pass commission to any of them and play wisely i.e. according to your gut-feeling and calculative moves.

Never Bet in a Rush
A player should never bet in a rush i.e. invest the whole amount he is carrying with him!  You should always make sure that you play like a tortoise that starts slow, moves strongly but steadily and in the end becomes a ‘winner’.

Understand every bit of the Satta Game
Every Satta player should understand and explore the basic logic and scientific calculations involved in the Matka game by different Matka tips available online on various genuine but reliable websites. One should always consult these websites for useful tips and tricks on Satta game. These websites don’t charge any fee from a player and guide players step by step to how they should play game of Satta and be a winner!

So, all the Satta enthusiastic make yourself ready with all the guesses, calculations, winning strategies and tips to “WIN” the Satta-Matka game!


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